Friday, February 3, 2012

Science Fantasy - Day 8 - The Last Hope's user interface.

Writing time - 30mins.

At his quarters, Nolan stepped in and took in the sight of where he had his accident.  He rubbed his rib reflexively, and sighed when he thought about the lack of a scar.  In the old days, scars were like badges that people wore to appear tougher and weathered. He bet this Guranthien had scars - he was a pirate after all, and pirates embellished their scars. The door rezzed behind him and he put thoughts of scars out of his mind.

"Sophaia." He said and his artificial intelligence adviser appeared before him.

Sophaia was the ship's AI user interface for all crew members.  Each user was able to script the manifestation however they liked, and Nolan liked blondes.  She wore a tight white uniform with gold trim that looked like it was painted on her body. The curves of her hips were just how Nolan liked it, and though he hadn't realized it when he made the UI skin, she looked a lot like Mistance.  They had the same body and facial features. Only the blonde hair and blue eyes were different.

"I am perplexed." Nolan began as he walked to his desk. When he sat down he continued, "how did the Guranthien pirates find us? You are supposed to be the highest technology ever to grace the universe.

"And by human standards, I am." Sophaia said.  Her voice was calm and confident. She sat down in the same chair Mistance occupied the night before.

"Since when did Guranthien technology become so advanced?" He said.

"They have not become advanced.  They are using alien technology, possibly stolen. They are pirates after all." Sophaia nodded, showing that the computer was confident in it's assessment.

"What hit us?"

"If I am not mistaken, it was a phased singularity driver." She nodded again.

"How did they see us."

"If I am not mistaken, they have phased tachyon sensors." Another nod.

Nolan pondered the computer's assessment.  With that kind of technology, they were able to see The Last Hope. That meant the Thelksa might be able to find them as well. The Thelksa didn't need technology to survive in space and didn't rely on it, but if they managed to contact this Guranthien pirate and he let out that he had spotted a Human ship, they would get their information.

"We can't let this Guranthien ship and her crew leave can we?" Nolan rubbed his finger on his cheek as he spoke.

"With out the protection of phasing, our shields won't hold up against attacks from that singularity driver." Sophaia said.

Nolan slapped his hand on the table and said, "Then we have no choice.  We will have to go into another universe and hope we can find something livable before the Thelksa find us first."

"Probability of finding a suitable universe within the first year is very low." Sophaia reminded him.

"Better than our chances of surviving an attack by the Thelksa or a pirate that discovers who we really are." Nolan stood and walked to his bedroom.  The door derezzed for him and rezzed behind him. He went to his wardrobe materializer and pondered his intimidation suit.