Friday, January 20, 2012

Fishbowl -Science Fantasy

Thank you for the responses on what you would like to see me write.  The overwhelming majority voted for Sci-Fantasy.  So here I will write my story, tentatively named FishBowl.  Enjoy!

Tentatively Named: Fishbowl.

Nolan Kreus lounged in the easy chair of his quarters. His arms rested on the chair, with a half full wine glass in one hand and an empty bottle in the other. His feet were propped up as he watched the video wall across the room. The video was of Earth, or how it used to be before it was destroyed by an unknown race of arrogant, and technologically advanced aliens. The destruction of earth was five hundred years ago, and though no one was alive to remember what it was like to live there, all of humanity yearned for it's embrace.

"Twenty-five thousand two hundred and one." Nolan whispered and dropped the empty bottle so he could rub the desperate fear and loss out of his eyes.  "HUD." Nolan said and a translucent blue screen appeared before him. "Mirror." He continued.  The heads up display became reflective and Nolan stared at his own face. His Mikohen silk robe was stained with wine and his hair matted in wavy locks to the sides of his face.

Nolan traced the lines of crows feet at the corners of his eyes.  His wavy locks of black hair were peppered with silver, and his chin was dotted with the stubble of an overworked captain.  He started to rub his face with both hands then realized he forgot the glass of wine he had been holding.  His first inclination was to toss the glass, but decided better against the waste and drank the wine before he hurled it across the room. It bounced off the video wall with a high pitched ringing sound like the strike of a sledge hammer against an unbreakable xylophone. 

Nolan swatted the HUD and it dissolved into the air. He stood up, rubbing his face and staggered toward his office door.  As he stepped into the room the lights of the bedroom went out and the Office lights came on.  His chair moved out from under the desk to face him invitingly.  He happily accepted, sitting in the chair and turning away from the desk.  

"Space window." He said and the wall became transparent, revealing the bright stars beyond. "Ship vitals." He said.

"Twenty-five thousand two hundred souls aboard, captain. One suicide at 21:19 hours. One birth expected at 09:00 hours. All systems normal." The computer responded. 
"Messages?" Nolan said.

"2302 messages." It answered.

"Common themes?" Nolan said.

"We are the last of all of humanity, what do we do now?" 
Nolan winced at the response.  He slapped his face on both sides, stood up, sat back down, and stood up again. He walked around his desk, sat back down again then turned his chair to the desk.  "We drink!" He said. "I'd like some wine. L'Hospi Pinot Noir two thousand six please." The computer beeped the request granted sound and a wine glass and green bottle with a white label and gold lettering materialized on his desk. 

"Captain, you have a visitor using override privilege." The computer announced.  

"Let me see them." He said, and a new HUD screen appeared before him.  

When Nolan saw the video his eyes softened.  Mistance Tekapla stood at his quarter's door, waiting.  She stood confident, but the sag of her shoulders and tilt of her head, causing her long red hair to spill to one side, revealed her true sadness. Nolan sat back in his chair and sighed.

Mistance, the Medical chief, had become well acquainted with Nolan over the last few years.  As the last of the Earthborn alliance ships began to go silent, Nolan had become more and more interested in the health and welfare of the crew and passengers aboard his ship, The Last Hope. Mistance had mistaken his constant visits and inquiries as interest in her. She wasn't too wrong. He liked her dimpled smile, wavy red hair, and green eyes.  Her face was curved softly and accentuated in all the right places, but then again, he doubted anyone alive was wearing the same face they were born with. He just liked her artistry of beauty more than anyone else he had seen.  Her calm helpful demeanor and soft, girly voice pleased him, but he had resisted all attempts of her wooing him.  She scalded him when he resisted her advances saying with the rate the human race was declining, he couldn't afford to stay single.  Though she herself was single.  And now they were both two of the 125 single humans left in the universe.


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