Thursday, January 26, 2012

Science Fantasy - Day 7 - Religious tension.

Writing time - 30mins.

The central robot pair stopped their actions on the heads up displays, and turned to face them.

"He deserved it!" Mistance told them defiantly, "It is part of his psychological healing process."

The robots laughed and bobbed on their tracks then one said in a deep male voice, "It isn't our place to interfere, but we strongly believe, for your species benefit, that you consider copulation. Perhaps that will solve the tension you two are experiencing? If necessary, we can provide mood and stimulation."

"No thank you. I am a naturalist." Nolan responded.

"We meant no offense to your religion, Captain." The other robot said.

Nolan took a deep breath, and thought about his words carefully. He put his hands on the sides of Mistance's shoulders and smiled. "Wouldn't you be happier with a purist mate?"

Mistance slapped his arms aside with both hands, pivoted again and let her hand fly. He was at least a foot taller than Mistance at six and a half feet, but she managed to close that disadvantage and make it work for her.  This time Nolan rolled with the slap but was knocked off balance anyway. He staggered back one step, put his hand over his cheek and winced at the sting.

The robots no longer paid attention.

"You're needed on the bridge, Captain." she spit the word Captain out like venom.

Nolan regained his composure and looked deep into her eyes. No tears, but she was clearly angry and sad.  Nolan regretted the way he declined her, but also knew it would never work.  Naturalists and Purists just didn't match.  Two centuries of ideology differences separated them.  She might be able to accept his naturalist eccentricities, but he would struggle with her casual view of living.

"Sorry." He said and walked away. He made it a point to not look back as he walked out of the room into the deckhall. When the door rezzed behind him, he stopped and cleared his mind.  Guranthien pirates needed to be his main focus.

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