Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tentatively named: Fishbowl - Science Fantasy - Day 3

Weekend edition.

Nolan offered the cork to Mistance.  She dutifully accepted it and sniffed it lightly. She nodded curtly and place the cork on the desk. Nolan bade the materializer to proffer another glass and then poured the wine for both of them.  Mistance accepted the glass but waited to drink.

"If we can't make them disappear, then we have to disappear. We have to find a new universe, or create one of our own." He said and raised his glass.  "Here's to a new universe."

Mistance repeated his words and drank as he drank.  There was much he wanted to talk to her about, but by the way she was fiddling with her blouse buttons, he knew she wouldn't be interested right now.  He refilled their glasses until the bottle was empty, and they made small talk.  He asked her about the health of the crew and where she would go if she could go anywhere in the universe.  She told him about her fears for the Human race and asked him his opinions about them.  By the time they finished the second bottle of wine she was curled up in his lap with her arms over his shoulder and legs over the arm rests.  Nolan started to get another wine bottle materialized but Mistance was passed out in his arms.

"Another perfect chance to make love, foiled by my own fear and hesitation." Nolan sighed and then stood up while trying not to wake Mistance.  He carried her to his bedroom and made sure she was comfortable in his bed.  When he was sure she was sleeping soundly, he went back to his desk chair and watched the stars while imagining a new universe for humankind. Then he fell asleep. 

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