Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tentatively named: Fishbowl - Science Fantasy - Day 5

Monday:  Writing time 25 minutes.

Nolan's vision was bathed in pulses of red. The pounding sledgehammer stopped and the sound of shouting wafted its way to his ears in watery garbles of unintelligible speech. A bright white light pierced his right eye, then his left.  His entire universe seemed to pulse with the beating of his heart, and each beat squeezed his thoughts in and out of his slippery mind.

Gravity seemed to change again, pulling his body down from all directions but lifting his body up from others. The lifting force proved the stronger and he could sense himself rising from the floor.  He reached for his side where he had hit the desk and cut his finger on something sharp.  The pain saturated his senses, blocking his vision and hearing.  He shouted for help, but couldn't tell if any sound was escaping his mouth.

He was moving now, how or where he didn't know, but he no longer cared.  Warm fluid was flowing from his throat into his mouth and nose..  He tried to breath and couldn't make his diaphragm move, or at least he couldn't tell if it was moving or not. Maybe he was in a car.  A car was a transportation device on earth before Dizzies were invented. His mind wandered and time seemed to slow down.  Visions of trees, birds, and rain slid in and out of his thoughts.  It all made sense to him because there was no need to understand.

Something sharp and ice cold pierced Nolan's chest and he could feel the fluids leaving his lungs like someone had pulled the plug drain. The visions of earth disappeared as his mind began to clear and the pain came on stronger.  Another sharp stab to his chest and darkness clawed at him. It pulled him down into an abyss of sleep, slowly at first like quicksand and then there was nothing.

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