Monday, January 23, 2012

Tentatively named: Fishbowl - Science Fantasy - Day 4

Weekend edition.

Nolan awoke suddenly after hitting the hard floor. He tried to sit up but his head was spinning and his thoughts slipped through his mind like greasy ropes he couldn't hold on to. There was a sound like a sledgehammer hitting a metal wall somewhere deep in the ship and he rolled as gravity changed direction.

"Stabilizers!" Nolan shouted but there was no response.

His head pounded and stars danced across his vision. He put his hands underneath his body attempting to rise. Another loud bang and gravity shifted again, this time sending Nolan rolling back to his desk. He caught the corner of the desk and something pierced his rib. The sudden stabbing pain racked his body and he curled up as tight as he could.  The pain was intense but his head just wouldn't clear enough to react, scream or move.

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